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Our building is open again -
Sunday & Wednesday Services Resumed!

“Till now the Lord has helped us.” 1 Samuel 7:12

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Cross with sun piercing through

The Honey and the Pears- ‘Such was my heart’

I was saddened recently by what I read on a friend’s Facebook feed. A year ago he had invested in two beehives. Following a year of hard-work, providing all that[…]

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Cross with sun piercing through

One thing is Needful

Covid has brought its own challenges and sorrows to each of us since its arrival. For us as a family, living under a different local authority and health board from[…]

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Jesus saves

Spiritual Discipline : Witnessing

“This has been 15 years of hard work and dedication. Dedicating my life to the sport, putting everything on hold, all my social life, things that I wanted to do[…]

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