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God is…Triune

God is…Triune

God is triune

The word “trinity” is found nowhere in Scripture. And yet the truth of the trinity is everywhere. The unity of God is clear; “hear O Israel, the LORD our God is one” (Dt 6:4) but as early as the first chapter of the Bible the plurality of the Godhead is at least hinted at; “Let us make man in our image and likeness”(Genesis 1:26)

The testimony of Scripture makes clear that:

The Father is God
The Son is God
The Spirit is God

There is one God, in three persons.

The Westminster Shorter Catechism puts it like this:
“There are three persons in the Godhead; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; and these three are one God, the same in substance, equal in power and glory.”

There’s a lot that we could say in relation to the Triune nature of the Godhead, but I’d like in this article to focus on how each divine Person works in love to secure our salvation.

Firstly, the Father, in love, sends his Son into the world to seek and to save that which was lost (John 3:16). What greater gift could the Father give than that of his only Son? And consider who he gives this great gift to- the very people who have rebelled against him!

Secondly, the Son, in love, fulfils (in the power of the Spirit) his divine rescue mission. He lives the perfect life we have failed to live, yet willingly dies the death we deserve to die on the cross. He is raised from death- our victorious Kinsman Redeemer!

Thirdly, The Spirit applies this work to our lives, He brings conviction of sin, and opens our eyes to see and receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour. It is the Spirit who brings regeneration and who seals our salvation- that is to say, it is He who marks us as God’s own and guarantees our glorious inheritance as children of God.

That doesn’t mean we always feel these realities. (I remember hearing a preacher saying he isn’t sure he’s even a Christian until 10am!) We might not feel it all the time, but we have every reason to rest in the strong assurance of our salvation in Christ Jesus.

Tim Chester says:
“Some people look for security in a subjective experience of the Spirit; others in the objective work of Christ. But Christian assurance encompasses both for it has a threefold basis in trinitarian grace. It is rooted in the electing love of the Father, the finished work of the Son, and the present witness of the Spirit.”

Every member of the Godhead working as one for our salvation! Again we are left to marvel at God’s loving grace, and to reach for words that might begin to describe what it is to us in Christ- amazing, wonderful, glorious grace.

Yours in Christ Jesus



4 Responses

  1. Vince says:

    It’s amazing to think that the Godhead involves “Three Individuals”, yet takes on a “Tri-partite” being of One-ness, working always as a “TEAM” in absolutely everything, always, without ceasing, & without having an Original Cause or “difference in intention” in absolutely everything: No conflict, no different agenda’s that may clash. The Superb & only example in creation of such a “Tripartite” single agreed Uniit. In human terms – impossible. Yet the Godhead is, Equally the Same, yet, at the same time, Equally Different. Thanks Ross for your thoughts.

  2. Helen Findlay says:

    Thank you Ross for your devotional today and for your word on Zoom. These are so encouraging and uplifting. I’m really appreciating your ministry. God bless.

  3. James Robert Logie says:

    Many thanks again Ross for your imput,

  4. John L says:

    As the hymn writer says the God Head three in one yet there are things that the Son could do that the Father could not do
    1/ Be born in the flesh,
    2/ Sit with sinners
    3/ Die on the cross
    4/ Resurrection
    5/ Be completely alone.
    Thanks Ross for your word on Sunday and the thoughts on the trinity

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